Your WaterOne board election primer

Advance voting in person began Monday, Oct. 28 in Johnson County and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 5. As residents start heading to the polls to cast their ballots for the WaterOne board and other races, we’re putting together our election primers to give people an easy way to find out where the candidates stand on the issues.

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Who’s on the ballot

All four of seats up in this election have contested races. Candidates are listed below. We’ve linked to their campaign websites when possible.

Water District Board Member 1

Water District Board Member 2

Water District Board Member 6

Water District Board Member 7

Candidate Questionnaires

Earlier this month, we published the candidates’ responses to the questionnaires we developed with input from our readers. You can find each of the three questionnaire items linked below:

Question 1: Degradation of the Missouri River bed has become an increasing concern for the water district in recent years. What steps should Water One be taking to address the issue? Read the answers here.

Question 2: What statewide water policy issues are most important to WaterOne’s operations? How can the organization play a key role in addressing those issues? Read the answers here.

Question 3: What relevant experience would you bring to the position, and what is your primary motivation for seeking a seat on the water district board? Read the answers here.