Your Lenexa City Council election primer

The candidates running in Wards 1 and 4 shared their views on a host of issues facing the city of Lenexa at our forum at the Lenexa Community Center earlier this month.

Advance voting in person began Monday, Oct. 28 in Johnson County and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 5. As residents start heading to the polls to cast their ballots for the Lenexa City Council and other races, we’re putting together our election primers to give people an easy way to find out where the candidates stand on the issues.

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Who’s on the ballot

Candidates running for two of the four seats up in this year’s cycle are in contested races. Mayor Mike Boehm is also on the ballot, running unopposed. The candidates running in the contested races are listed below. We’ve linked to campaign websites when possible.

Council Member Ward 1

Council Member Ward 4

Candidate Questionnaires

Earlier this month, we published the candidates’ responses to the questionnaires we developed with input from our readers. You can find each of the five questionnaire items linked below:

Question 1: After hearing from residents who said they wanted to see the facility remain in operation, Lenexa staff are looking at possible options for the future of Ad Astra Pool. What’s your desired outcome for Ad Astra? If you hope to see it remain in operation, how should the city pay for it? Read the answers here.

Question 2: What’s the biggest challenge facing the city of Lenexa today, and what should city government be doing about it? Read the answers here.

Question 3: Almost 40% of jobs in Johnson County pay under $36,000 and more than one in three Johnson County households are single income households. What housing options would you like to see put into place in our community to make sure that everyone who works here can afford to live here? (This question came from the Johnson County Health Equity Network, which focuses on housing affordability, stability and safety). Read the answers here.

Question 4: What’s the top thing you’d like to be able to say about the city of Lenexa four years from today that you can’t say now? Why? Read the answers here.

Question 5: In recent months, city officials from across the metro area have been coordinating on ideas that local governments can take to address climate change. Do you support the idea of city government taking steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What specific steps would you like to see Lenexa take on the issue? Read the answers here.

Candidate forum

Earlier this month, we hosted an in-person forum for the candidates running for seats on the Lenexa city council. You can watch the video of the forum below. Topics covered during the forum are noted with time codes.

Lenexa city council candidate forum

  • Views on setting property tax rate as home values have been rising. Discussion starts at 7:20.
  • How to accommodate growing police and court needs in the coming years. Discussion starts at 11:50.
  • Ideas for revitalization of Old Town. Discussion starts at 19:15.
  • Views on use of tax finance incentives in green field projects versus redevelopment projects. Discussion starts at 25:40.
  • What are the role of the arts in the community, and should they be supported with public funds? Discussion starts at 32:30.
  • How would you suggest the city counter the rising cost of apartment living? Discussion starts at 36:30.
  • What could the city do to reduce property tax burden on seniors who want to stay in their home? Discussion starts at 43:00.
  • How would you have voted on the non-discrimination ordinance? Discussion starts at 48:20.
  • Would you support permits to allow food-bearing plants in Lenexa front yards. Discussion starts at 48:50.