Overland Park issuing red light citations to drivers involved in wreck that injured Pawnee students

A traffic camera image of the wreck at 87th Street and Grant last week.

Two drivers involved in the accident that injured four Pawnee Elementary students last week will be issued citations for running a red light today, say Overland Park police.

Overland Park Public Information Officer John Lacy said the people behind the wheels of the two cars traveling westbound on 87th Street will be given tickets for the accident, which started when one of the cars collided with a vehicle making a left turn onto Grant.

The collision sent one of the cars careening toward a corner where four female Pawnee students, three of them sisters, were waiting to cross the street on their walk to school.

The accident left one of the girls in critical condition, with injuries to her head and neck that required them to be stabilized with a halo brace. Though the most seriously injured of the girls is still in the hospital, Lacy said she and all of the other are expected to fully recover.

A family member set up a fundraising campaign for the girls’ mother through Facebook to help cover personal expenses. The initial fundraising goal was $1,000. Donations to date total more than $14,000.