Friends of JCDS selling tax credits to fundraise purchase of two lots in Johnson County

Friends of JCDS is planning to build two more homes for residents with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. File photo

Friends of Johnson County Developmental Supports is selling tax credits as part of its fundraising efforts to purchase property and build two new homes for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Through the end of 2019, or until the nonprofit runs out, Friends is selling $80,000 in tax credits through the Kansas Community Service Tax Credit program. When Kansans make a donation of $250, they can get $125 off their state taxes (as a credit, not a deduction).

The funds raised from the tax credits will enable the nonprofit to raise $160,000 in capital to purchase two lots in Johnson County. Friends will then build two homes to provide affordable and accessible housing for 10 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are receiving services through Johnson County Developmental Supports.

Earlier this month, the nonprofit celebrated the opening of its 14th house with an open house and tours of the home. These two new homes will be the organization’s 15th and 16th, bringing it closer to its goal of 20 houses by 2025.

“This is just really for people that need it most,” said Janel Bowers, chief development and operations officer for the nonprofit. “That’s what we do, and we’re going to continue to do that. How we’re doing that is with tax credits.”

In promotions materials for the tax credits, the organization noted that the new homes will be designed to address mobility issues as well as specific housing needs for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are diagnosed with age-related disorders and diseases.

Bowers stressed the need for more affordable, accessible housing is growing in Johnson County. The housing market for buyers is not improving in Johnson County, especially for buyers and renters on fixed and/or low incomes, she added.

“If you look at 2016, there were 28 apartment complexes in the Johnson County area that accepted Section 8; we’re now down to 22,” she said. “We’re now down to 22.”

Friends of JCDS accepts Section 8 housing participants, she added.

To participate in the tax credits program, donors must stipulate that the $250 donation is earmarked for the building of additional housing. In return, they will receive a 50% State of Kansas Tax Credit for the tax year that their donation was received.

Tax credits will be sold until they run out. Anyone interested can contact Bowers at