Roe 2020, teardown-rebuilds and public funding for art: Roeland Park council candidates talk issues at SM Post forum

Candidates seeking seats in the contested Roeland park city council races in November’s elections — Benjamin Dickens and Leonard Tocco in Ward 2; Galen Hansen and Trisha Brauer in Ward 3; and Michael Rebne and A.J. Cameron in Ward 4 — covered a host of issues at the forum we held Thursday evening at the Roeland Park Community Center.

If you missed the event in person, you can check out video below. We’ve got time codes listed for all of the topics we covered so you can jump to the issues that interest you most:

Roeland Park city council candidate forum

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing the city of Roeland Park and what should city government be doing about it? Discussion starts at 11:00.
  • What’s your take on the the process for the design and lead up to the Roe 2020 project? Discussion starts at 22:30.
  • How should the city be addressing the wave of teardown-rebuild home projects in the city? Discussion starts at 41:35.
  • What’s your basic philosophy about using bonds for capital improvements and parks? Discussion starts at 51:00.
  • What is your viewpoint on the use of city funding for public art? Discussion starts at 56:20.
  • Do you support public as well as private schools? Discussion starts at 1:01:30.
  • How would you communicate with your constituents on a regular basis? Discussion starts at 1:04:30.