Roeland Park approves rezoning, plans for northeast corner of Johnson Drive and Roe Avenue

A 30,000 square foot medical office building will go up on the site.

The Roeland Park City council approved a rezoning of the northeast corner of Johnson Drive and Roe Avenue during Monday evening’s city council meeting. Preliminary and final development plans for the site, which Sunflower Medical Group will turn into a medical office building, were also approved by the city council during the meeting.

The lot was rezoned from single family residential to planned office, to accommodate for development plans. Additionally, the approval of the preliminary and final development plans come with the condition that “$91,563 be paid upon closing for the developer’s share of future Granada street and sidewalk improvements,” according to city documents.

“I’m really pleased with what we ended up with as far as the final plans,” Councilmember Jan Faidley said. “They came a long way from the preliminary plans that were submitted, and [the developers] seem to be really willing to work with the city on getting something that’s going to be attractive for that corner.”

Monday evening’s approvals for rezoning and development plans come after the City of Mission approved the de-annexation of .7 acres of the lot during an October city council meeting. Roeland Park called a special meeting to consider the annexation and terms of agreement. The terms call for Roeland Park to pay Mission a total in the range of $62,856 to $69,840 over 18 years.

The rezoning and development plan approvals passed unanimously, and Councilmember Jim Kelly was absent. The annexation took effect in Roeland Park on Oct. 22.