Roeland Park awards amenities bid for Nall Park, approves design task order for R Park

Nall Park will be getting new benches and picnic tables.

The Roeland Park city council awarded an amenities bid for Nall Park to Victor Stanley and Landscape Forms during Monday evening’s city council meeting. The amenities bid is not to exceed $31,298 and will include an update to the already existing picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles.

Public Works Director Donnie Scharff said it is the Parks & Recreation committee’s recommendation that two of the existing picnic tables be removed and replaced with two ADA accessible picnic tables, which are slightly longer than standard tables. Two standard tables will be placed in the shelter as well, and three standard picnic tables will be placed across the park.

Councilmember Jennifer Hill said taking out two tables and replacing them with smaller tables drastically cuts the number of people able to fit in the shelter at Nall Park. Councilmember Claudia McCormack said that the cut in occupancy was discussed, but that in order to have accessible tables, there needs to be accessible space around the tables.

In addition to the tables, five benches — two non-backed and three backed — will replace the existing benches throughout the park. The backed benches will replace those in the northern part of the park, along the walking path. Additionally, the three trash receptacles will be mounted on a concrete pad and replace the current receptacles that sit on the ground throughout the park.

Councilmember Jennifer Hill opposed the amenities bid, while all others voted in favor of the bid. Councilmember Jim Kelly was absent.

In addition to awarding the amenities bid, the council also approved a phase two design task order for R Park with Lamp Rynearson. The task order is not to exceed $83,468, with a cost breakdown as follows:

  • $33,997.11 for design
  • $34,899.60 for construction administration and construction observation
  • $14,571.26 for Johnson County Wastewater relocation plans

The total estimated cost of phase two amounts to $466,486 for design and construction. Phase two itself includes modifications to Juniper Street, a hammerhead at the east end of 55th Terrace, and a soccer field with storm drainage and sanitary sewer modifications, according to city documents. If the city decides additional parking is necessary after phase one is completed, that could potentially be completed during phase two.

The design task order passed unanimously.