KSHSAA corrects error in tennis tie-breaker calculation, knocking SM East from champ to runner-up

SM East was initially named state 6A tennis champion, but KSHSAA announced today that an error had occurred in calculating the tie-breaker and Blue Valley North had actually won. Photo via SM East Tennis on Twitter.

When the Kansas 6A girls tennis championship wrapped up Saturday, SM East left the court believing it had edged perennial rival and defending champ Blue Valley North in a third tie-breaker to win their first title since 2014.

Today, the Kansas State High School Athletics Association announced that there had been an error in the calculations, and that Blue Valley North had actually secured another title.

The teams were tied for points at the end of competition, so, by KSHSAA rules, the title decision would go to tie breakers. The Lancers and the Mustangs ended up being even in the first two tie-breaking considerations, so organizers turned to the third: The percentage of games won by members of each team in state play.

When initially calculated Saturday, organizers said The Lancers finished with a winning percentage of 62.825%, just five thousandths of a percent higher than Blue Valley North at 62.80%.

On Monday, however, officials were asked to take a look at the calculations. They found an error had been made, and SM East had actually finished with a lower winning percentage than Blue Valley North.

KSHSAA issued the following statement on the situation today:

On October 18-19, the 2019 KSHSAA girls state tennis tournaments were conducted across the state. As expected, play was outstanding. When team points were tabulated at the end of the Class 6A tournament on Saturday, it was determined the top 2 teams (Shawnee Mission-East HS and Blue Valley North HS) were tied at 43 points each.

The KSHSAA State Tennis Manual has a 3-step team tie-breaking procedure for the State Tournament. After applying the data for step 1(number of entries and medalists) and step 2 (team with most points for state medalists only), the teams remained tied. Step 3 involved the highest percentage of games won vs. games played. Step 3 was applied and the tie was broken. At that time the calculations determined Shawnee Mission East narrowly defeated Blue Valley North and was awarded the Championship trophy.

It was brought to our attention on Monday, October 21 that an error was made in calculating the matches and points associated with the tournament. The correct calculations included two matches which were inadvertently omitted on Saturday and that should have been included in the third tiebreaker. With those matches, and all others, SM East won 172 of 284 games (60.56%) and BVN won 196 of 312 games (62.82). We contacted SM-East and asked for validation of the scoring and they confirmed that the
new totals were correct.

Blue Valley North HS will be the 2019 team champions for Class 6A Girls Tennis.

We regret that this error occurred.