Brookridge, tax incentives, open mic time, dark store theory: Overland Park council candidates talk issues at SM Post forum

The candidates running for seats on the Overland Park City Council representing Wards 4, 5 and 6 took part in our forum Tuesday evening.

The candidates running for seats on the Overland Park city council representing Wards 4 (Dan Osman and incumbent Fred Spears); 5 (Phil Bressler and incumbent Faris Farassati); and 6 (incumbent Rick Collins and Scott Hamblin) covered a range of issues at our forum Tuesday night at Lakewood Middle School.

If you missed the event in person, you can check out video below. We’ve got time codes listed for all of the topics we covered so you can jump to the issues that interest you most:

Overland Park City Council Wards 4, 5 and 6 Candidate Forum

  • How should the city be preparing for the possible impact of “dark store theory” on the city’s budget? Discussion starts at 9:20.
  • What standards would you use to determine whether or not to grant tax finance incentives requested by developers? Discussion starts at 22:40.
  • Where do you stand on the Brookridge redevelopment proposal and tax finance package? Discussion starts at 35:45.
  • Would you support more open mic time for resident at city meetings? Discussion starts at 49:00.
  • How will you assure residents that your are making decisions on their behalf and not being influenced by developers or attorneys? Discussion starts 54:45.
  • With mental health issues growing in our community, should the Overland Park police department get more training on use of force? Discussion starts at 1:00:00