Mission council candidates on the issues: Keeping Mission an attractive place for the middle class

Kids at the Mission Sunflower Festival.

Last month, we asked our readers what issues they wanted to hear the candidates running for local office address ahead of this fall’s local elections primary. Based on the input we received, we developed a three-item questionnaire for candidates running for city council in Ward 1 in Mission.

Today we publish the candidates’ responses to item two:

Mission was recently named the best city in Kansas for the middle class. What steps do you think the city should be taking to ensure the city remains an attractive and affordable place to call home for the middle class in the years to come?

Trent Boultinghouse

I was not surprised to see Mission lead that ranking because neighbors always tell me about how much they love living here. I’ve met residents from all walks of life — everyone from empty nesters to young professionals. We share a sense of community and pride here thanks to our historic neighborhoods, locally owned downtown businesses and citywide events. This dynamic makes us a gem of the region and it is important that we preserve this strength. Many of our neighbors attribute their ability to thrive here to affordable housing, nearby schools and quality services. To ensure Mission remains an attractive place for the middle class to call home, we must be proactive in strengthening core services, incentivizing healthy lifestyle choices through bike lanes, green spaces, and sidewalks, and ensuring new development promotes affordable and sustainable housing. Through these strategic initiatives, Mission will preserve its reputation as an accessible place to put down permanent roots.

Burton Taylor

Did not respond.