Overland Park Chamber releases analysis of local lawmakers’ 2019 voting records

John Skubal was one of four senators representing the Shawnee Misison area to earn a perfect 100% rating from the Overland Park Chamber.

The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce has released its annual analysis of how closely area legislators’ voting records matched positions supported by the organization.

The chambers’ board of directors and public policy and advocacy committees each year establish a legislative agenda “to focus on priority issues that enhance quality of life attributes such as education, taxation, transportation, economic development and school finance that make Overland Park attractive to businesses and help it continue to be recognized as a leading community in the nation.”

The agenda included support for items like the K-12 funding bill approved last session as well as Medicaid expansion. Based on legislators’ voting record, the group calculates the percent of time the lawmakers supported the chamber’s position.

“Pro-business advocacy is one of the most important services the Overland Park Chamber provides our community,” Kevin Walker, vice president of government affairs for the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement. “We believe the voting record spurs conversation with elected officials and helps guide our members in their decision-making process at election time.”

Shawnee Mission area legislators’ voting ratings from the 2019 session are as follows:


  • Barbara Bollier (D, District 7): 100%
  • Jim Denning (R, District 8): 72.7%
  • Pat Pettey (D, District 6): 100%
  • Mary Pilcher-Cook (R, District 10): 54.5%
  • John Skubal (R, District 11): 100%
  • Dinah Sykes (D, District 21): 100%


  • Stephanie Clayton (D, District 19): 90.9%
  • Tom Cox (R, District 17): 81.8%
  • Charlotte Esau (R, District 14): 45.5%
  • Cindy Holscher (D, District 17): 100%
  • Jan Kessinger (R, District 20): 90.9%
  • Nancy Lusk (D, District 22): 100%
  • Cindy Neighbor (D, District 18): 100%
  • Jarrod Ousley (D, District 24): 81.8%
  • Brett Parker (D, District 29): 90.9%
  • Susan Ruiz (D, District 23): 90%
  • Jerry Stogsdill (D, District 21): 90.9%
  • Brandon Woodard (D, District 30): 90.9%
  • Rui Xu (D, District 25): 90.9%

The chamber’s full voting record document is embedded below:

[gview file=”https://dfv6pkw99pxmo.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019_Voting_Record.pdf”]