Ambrosia Cafe closes in downtown Overland Park after 2 years in business

Ambrosia Cafe, 7933 Marty Street, is closing after two years.

Ambrosia Cafe, 7933 Marty Street, has closed its doors after two years in downtown Overland Park. Richard and Coleen Babcock opened the location to pursue Richard’s dream of owning his own restaurant, which the couple operated alongside a catering service, Ambrosia Catering.

Coleen told The Kansas City Star the decision to close was not easy, but high overhead and construction along Metcalf Avenue and 80th Street didn’t leave much of an option. Additionally, Coleen told The Star that she and Richard will continue to operate their food truck and catering kitchen.

The cafe served classic brunch and lunch items, such as biscuits and gravy and sandwiches. Additionally, Richard is a seasonal chef and intended to use ingredients from the Overland Park Farmers Market, which sits across the street from Ambrosia Cafe. Those who frequented the cafe will be able to purchase items online through ChowNow by November, according to The Star.

The owners did not respond to Shawnee Mission Post’s requests for comment.