Old Town revitalization, property taxes, role of arts in community: Lenexa council candidates talk issues at SM Post forum

The candidates running in Wards 1 and 4 shared their views on a host of issues facing the city of Lenexa at our forum Wednesday.

Candidates seeking seats in the contested Lenexa city council races in November’s elections — Courtney Eiterich and Chris Poss in Ward 1 and Linda Leeper and Julie Sayers in Ward 4 — covered a host of issues at the forum we held Wednesday evening at the Lenexa Community Center.

If you missed the event in person, you can check out video below. We’ve got time codes listed for all of the topics we covered so you can jump to the issues that interest you most:

Lenexa city council candidate forum

  • Views on setting property tax rate as home values have been rising. Discussion starts at 7:20.
  • How to accommodate growing police and court needs in the coming years. Discussion starts at 11:50.
  • Ideas for revitalization of Old Town. Discussion starts at 19:15.
  • Views on use of tax finance incentives in green field projects versus redevelopment projects. Discussion starts at 25:40.
  • What are the role of the arts in the community, and should they be supported with public funds? Discussion starts at 32:30.
  • How would you suggest the city counter the rising cost of apartment living? Discussion starts at 36:30.
  • What could the city do to reduce property tax burden on seniors who want to stay in their home? Discussion starts at 43:00.
  • How would you have voted on the non-discrimination ordinance? Discussion starts at 48:20.
  • Would you support permits to allow food-bearing plants in Lenexa front yards. Discussion starts at 48:50.