Admin-faculty tensions, sports programs, non-partisan board: JCCC board candidates talk issues at SM Post forum

Candidates running for JCCC Board of Trustees participated in our forum on campus Tuesday night.

Candidates seeking seats on the Johnson County Board of Trustees in November’s elections covered a host of issues at the forum we held Tuesday evening in the Hudson Auditorium on the JCCC campus.

(Incumbent trustee Nancy Ingram was not able to attend due to her previous commitment to attend a conference on behalf of the college).

If you missed the event in person, you can check out video below. We’ve got time codes listed for all of the topics we covered so you can jump to the issues that interest you most:

JCCC Board of Trustees candidate forum

From left to right the candidates are: Lori Bell; Colleen Cunningham; Jameia Haines; Greg Musil (incumbent); Laura Smith-Everett.

  • What do you want to be able to say about JCCC four years from now that you can’t say today? Discussion starts at 10:40.
  • How will you ensure that you’re getting input from a variety of stakeholders and acting independently from other trustees? Discussion starts at 21:00.
  • Are junior college sports programs a good use of taxpayer money? Discussion starts at 30:45.
  • What are your thoughts on the idea of not charging tuition for community college classes? How would such an initiative be funded? Discussion starts at 40:45.
  • What do you think is at the root of tensions between the administration and faculty? What should be done to address them? Discussion starts at 49:15.
  • Should seats on the JCCC Board of Trustees continue to be non-partisan? Discussion starts at 1:00:30.