Public hearing on possible demolition of Mission Bowl building set for this week

Four years after a fire severely damaged the structure, the city of Mission is looking at whether to declare the Mission Bowl building a nuisance.

Four years after a fire devastated Mission Bowl, 5399 Martway Street, the city of Mission is set to hold a public hearing this Wednesday on the possible demolition of the building. The structure has become what the city calls an attractive nuisance, and is seeking to take action by either demolishing or repairing it.

Fire gutted the nearly 60-year-old Mission Bowl building on Martway in April 2015.

Assistant City Administrator Brian Scott said not only has the property become an eyesore, as an attractive nuisance it may also entice vandalism. There has been evidence of people hanging out around the property, which may put them in harm’s way, he said.

In July, the city’s building official conducted a formal inspection and determined Mission Bowl a dangerous structure, Scott said. Additionally, he said the city has received both complaints and inquiries about the property and its situation.

During the public hearing, there will be a presentation of a staff report that includes the property history and findings from the formal inspection. At that point, those who wish to make a comment either in favor of or against demolishing Mission Bowl will be able to do so.

“The whole reason for the public hearing is to make sure that everyone is aware that [demolition] is under consideration by the city, and that the city has taken all of the steps legally necessary if the council determines [Mission Bowl] is in fact a dangerous structure,” City Administrator Laura Smith said.

Once city council has heard the staff report as well as from Mission Bowl’s owners and the public, they will take formal action to either find the structure dangerous or not to accept the report, Smith said. The result of the hearing could go either way, Scott said.

“Someone could come forward and say, ‘I’ve got a plan to fix the building up,’ and city council could say, ‘Great, let’s see a formalized plan and construction documents within 60 days,’” Scott said. “Nobody could show up and council could say, ‘Well, nobody seems interested to do anything with the building, so the course of action is to be demolished.’”

Following the hearing, city staff will be directed to develop findings of fact and will present a formal resolution at the Nov. 18 city council meeting, Scott said. The resolution will allow the city council to adopt the findings of fact and set forth action, he said.

In 2017, Mission Bowl’s owners announced they would not be reopening the Martway location, despite initial intentions to repair and reopen the bowling alley.

The owners did not respond to invitations to comment for this story.