Recruiting teachers of color, teaching creationism, cell phones in the classroom: SMSD Board of Education candidates talk issues at Shawnee Mission Post forum

Candidates running for the Shawnee Mission Board of Education discussed a range of issues at our forum Saturday.

The seven candidates running in contested elections for the Shawnee Mission Board of Education on next month’s ballot discussed a range of issues, from the 1:1 technology initiative to teaching evolution in schools, during our forum Saturday.

If you missed the event in person, you can check out video below. We’ve got time codes listed for all of the topics we covered so you can jump to the issues that interest you most:

Shawnee Mission Board of Education Candidate Forum

  • Was the vote to approve the expenditure of tens of millions of dollars on the 1:1 technology initiative the right one? Why or why not? Discussion starts at 10:45.
  • The student population in the district has gotten increasingly diverse, but the staff has remained overwhelmingly white. What can the district do to recruit more teachers of color? Discussion starts at 25:00.
  • With guns found at Hocker Grove three weeks ago, are you comfortable with the district’s efforts to communicate to parents about these kinds of incidents? Discussion starts at 39:00.
  • Do you think creationism should be taught side-by-side with evolution in schools? Discussion starts at 45:50.
  • Should secondary teachers in Shawnee Mission be teaching six sections each day? Discussion starts at 46:20.
  • Would you support a policy to eliminate cell phone use in the classroom? Discussion starts at 47:45.