2020FIT: It’s Open season

On October 10, the CrossFit Open begins.

What’s The Open, you ask?

For five weeks in a row, athletes at every CrossFit gym in the world complete the same five workouts. With hundreds of thousands of participants, it’s the largest fitness competition on the planet. Participants log their scores online, giving them the chance to see where they stack up against athletes around the globe.

If you’ve ever seen coverage of a CrossFit event on television or the internet, you’ve probably seen how intense these workouts can be. But, as with everything we do at 2020, The Open workouts can be adjusted to fit the needs and abilities of every participant. There are “scaled” versions of each workout, and the workouts are tweaked for older and younger athletes.

Regardless, they’re designed to be challenging no matter your age and stage. So whatever kind of shape you’re in, you’ll walk away feeling like you’ve pushed your boundaries a bit. And you’ll likely have gained some important knowledge along the way — namely, areas you can work on. So many of our athletes at 2020 tell us that they walk away from The Open workouts determined to get better in their weak spots. Had a hard time with the pull ups? Spend a few extra minutes working on them each time you come to the gym. Couldn’t quite get those handstand push-ups done? A little practice goes a long way.

It might sound intimidating. It might be out of your comfort zone. But it’s a great way to propel yourself towards some growth.

For more on The Open and how we recommend preparing mentally for the events, check out our podcast here.