QuikTrip planning to add gas station near old Kohl’s building in Lenexa

A rendering of the proposed QuikTrip at 95th Street and Lenexa Drive

QuikTrip is making plans to add a gas station and convenience store in the parking lot of the former Kohl’s department store on the southeast corner of 95th and Lenexa Drive. This would be the third QuikTrip location in Lenexa.

The Lenexa planning commission on Monday unanimously recommended approval of the company’s preliminary plans but raised some concerns about access to the site and sufficient parking for the next occupant of the old Kohl’s building.

Erik Eckhart, real estate project manager for QuikTrip, presented the plans to the Lenexa planning commission on Monday

Chairman Chris Poss said the proposed site of QuikTrip is better than plans previously considered at 95th and Noland.

Poss and Commissioner Don Horine raised concerns that the proposed QuikTrip would prevent the future occupant of the old Kohl’s building from having adequate parking. City planning staff member Karen Gable said a developer has purchased the old Kohl’s building. However, no plans have been proposed to the city for future use of that building.

Magi Tilton, planning and development administrator, said city staff have discussed parking with the new owner of the old Kohl’s building. The planning commission may address parking again when considering final plans for QuikTrip.

Some commissioners asked how motorists will access the site when heading west on 95th Street. City staff noted that the city’s planning for the gateway had created a diverted street and tunnel beneath 95th for motorists to take to Lenexa Drive so they can access the old Kohl’s building and the proposed QuikTrip site without waiting at a traffic signal.

Commissioner Jason Leib suggested adding signage that would direct westbound traffic to take the access route to Lenexa Drive.

The design and layout of this QuikTrip will be a “Generation 3s” type which is about 1,000 square feet smaller than the “Generation 3” types exemplified in the two other QuikTrip locations in Lenexa. Erik Eckhart, real estate project manager for QuikTrip, said the smaller QuikTrip design saves on wasted space.

The Lenexa city council will consider approval of preliminary plans Oct. 15. The planning commission will consider final plans for the QuikTrip before any construction can begin.