Precincts in Overland Park, Lenexa have had voting places change from August primary to November general

Some northern Overland Park voters have had their polling location moved to the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center between the primary and the general.

Roeland Park isn’t the only city where some residents have had their polling locations changed between the primary elections this August and next month’s general election.

The committee of Johnson County Election Office staff members who determine voting spots approved a total of six polling location changes between the primary and the general.

A certificate of registration card sent to a voter in Roeland Park.

They are:

  • Roeland Park precincts 2-01 and 2-02 were relocated from Bishop Miege North Campus to St. Agnes Catholic Church.
  • Voters who had cast ballots at Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church have been relocated to two different spots. Olathe precinct 4-13 was relocated to Indian Creek Community Church and Olathe precinct 4-10 was relocated to Overland Park Church of Christ
  • Overland Park precincts 1-18 and 1-23 were relocated from First Church of Christ Scientist to Arts and Heritage Center
  • Lenexa precincts 4-03 and 4-11 were relocated from Providence Community Church to VFW 7397 of Lenexa. Lenexa precincts 4-01 and 4-02 were relocated to Crossroads Church RCA
  • Overland Park precinct 2-18 was relocated from VFW 846 of Overland Park to the Johnson County Central Resource Library.
  • Oxford Township precinct 02 and Overland Park precinct 6-10 were moved temporarily from Southwoods Christian Church to Grace Church. Overland Park precinct 6-12 was temporarily moved from Southwoods Christian Church to the Blue Valley Recreation Center. These moves were made for this election cycle only because the Southwoods facility will not be available.

The election office notes voting places on the voter certificate of registration cards that have been hitting mailboxes in recent weeks. But some voters have raised concerns that, because the changes in locations were not called out or highlighted, voters who have become accustomed to casting their ballots at a certain location may not have noticed the change.

Voters will also be getting postcards in the mail with advance voting information that also includes their election day polling place.

County officials say the committee that determines polling locations take the following into consideration when making determinations about whether to change a location:

  • Providing a location that is ADA accessible and has adequate parking
  • Assigning a proportionate number of registered voters to a polling place based on its size
  • Minimizing travel time to a polling place for voters
  • Ensuring a polling place meets minimum requirements set by federal and state law
  • Choosing locations that provide basic comforts, such as adequate heating and cooling, room for voters to stand in line and enough electrical outlets for voting machines

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.