As impeachment talk heats up, Rep. Davids says Congress must find the truth, ‘regardless of politics’

As news of a likely impeachment inquiry broke Tuesday, Rep. Sharice Davids said she supports continued oversight and investigation of the president.

Hours after word broke on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to open a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump over allegations that he sought to enlist the aid of Ukrainian authorities to damage the reputation of former Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Sharice Davids indicated support for investigation into the matters at hand.

“I have long said that I trust my colleagues on the relevant House Committees as they conduct oversight and continue their investigations into the President, and I support this process continuing unimpeded,” Davids wrote on Twitter. “We must proceed down a path of finding the truth, regardless of politics.”

Davids’ statement was less emphatic than her counterpart across the state line. Longtime Kansas City, Mo., Rep. Emanuel Cleaver told the Kansas City Star that he supported impeachment proceedings because “our democracy was being damaged daily” and that he wanted “history to know where I stood.”

Davids is the only Democratic member of the Kansas delegation to the federal legislature. Some of her Republican colleagues responded to the news of the impeachment inquiry as well.

“Democrats have been on a three-year witch-hunt to sabotage and delegitimize a democratically elected President whose success makes them irate and irrational,” wrote Rep. Steve Watkins, who represents the congressional district west of Davids’, on Twitter.

Rep. Ron Estes, who represents the district that includes Wichita, said that “starting an impeachment inquiry today is irresponsible and will only succeed in further dividing the American people.”