Merriam candidates share thoughts on French Center, city taxes, ‘dark store theory’ at Shawnee Mission Post forum

Five of the eight candidates running for seats on the Merriam city council shared their thoughts on a host of the biggest issues facing the city Thursday night at the first of the forums organized by the Shawnee Mission Post ahead of November’s local elections.

Video of the forum, which was held at the Antioch Library in Merriam, is embedded below.

Topics discussed by the candidates included:

  • 1.) How should the city of Merriam be preparing for the possible loss of commercial property tax revenue to “dark store theory” tax appeals? Discussion starts at 9:00.
  • 2.) What features would want to see in a redevelopment proposal for the Shawnee Mission Parkway and Antioch corridor if you were to consider granting tax incentives for a project there? Discussion starts at 18:30.
  • 3.) Should the city renew the 1/4 cent sales tax that generates around $1.9 million for street and stormwater improvements? Discussion starts at 28:00.
  • 4.) What’s your vision for the future of the French Center site and how should the city fund a project to repurpose the site? Discussion starts at 36:00.
  • 5.) How can Merriam address climate issues and create a more “green” community? Discussion starts at 51:00.