Community center idea, property taxes and purview of city government: Our questions for the Prairie Village city council candidates

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to submit suggestions for questions they’d like to hear the candidates running for seats on the Prairie Village City Council address.

Based on the input we received, we’ve developed the five-item questionnaire below and sent it out to the candidates competing in the following races:

Council Member Ward 2

  • Serena Schermoly (incumbent)
  • Inga Selders

Council Member Ward 3

  • Lauren Wolf
  • Bonnie Limbird

Council Member Ward 5

  • David Scott Morrison
  • Courtney McFadden (incumbent)

We’ll be running the candidates’ responses to these items starting Monday, Oct 14.

Question 1
The city is currently working with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and the Johnson County Library to study the feasibility of a community center-and-library campus project, including what features such facilities might include and how much a project would cost taxpayers. What are your views on the prospect of a multi-party project to bring updated community center and library to Prairie Village?

Question 2

In recent years, property values in Prairie Village have increased substantially, meaning property tax revenues have gone up as well. Given the increased property tax revenues the city has seen, the city’s finance committee recommended a slight mill levy reduction during this year’s budgeting process. The council ultimately rejected that recommendation, and instead held the property tax rate steady. Do you agree with the decision not to lower the property tax rate? Why or why not?

Question 3
Over the past year, the city has considered measures related to social issues, including a resolution voicing objection to discrimination against women and an ordinance that offers legal protections to LGBTQ+ individuals. Do you believe such measures should be in the purview of city government? Why or why not?

Question 4
The city is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan to set goals for the coming decades. What goals are you hoping to see in the Village Vision 2.0 document?

Question 5
In recent months, city officials from across the metro area have been coordinating on ideas that local governments can take to address climate change. Do you support the idea of city government taking steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Why or why not?