2020FIT: Working through injuries and staying fit in the process

Whether it’s turning an ankle on the tennis court, tearing a tendon during a run or just getting dinged up playing with your kids, injuries can be an unfortunate part of life.

If you’ve recently set some kind of fitness goal and find yourself injured, the temptation can be to be to “work through the pain” and keep to your plan, even when exercise seems to exacerbate the problem.

It’s a temptation we’d love for you to resist. Particularly because there’s almost always something else you could be doing that will at least allow you to maintain your fitness while letting your injury heal.

If a physician or physical therapist has instructed you to limit your motion in a certain way or stop bearing a load with specific muscles, listen to them. If you feel pain, it’s real and you should step off — or you’re just going to make it worse.

But that doesn’t mean you have to turn into a couch potato. In fact, injury periods can present a chance to improve parts of your fitness that might get overlooked otherwise. If you’ve sprained your wrist, for example, pull ups, push ups and certain kinds of weight lifting are going to be off limits. But what a great opportunity to focus on improving your running and cardiovascular skills! Got a knee that’s in need of some rest? Focus on upper body strength work.

At 2020FIT, our coaches are CrossFit certified and have an entire toolbox full of different exercise options at their disposal. We love working with clients to help them figure out a plan to maintain — and even improve — their fitness, even when they’re working through an injury.

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