Highlands parents share experiences of shooting near school in video from Grandparents Against Gun Violence

A classroom window above the building’s signage was struck by a bullet in the shooting earlier this year. Students had just left the room for recess moments before the bullet entered.

A video produced by the local chapter of Grandparents Against Gun Violence features members of the Highlands Elementary community sharing their experiences from the day earlier this year that accused shooter Dylan Ruffin allegedly targeted the building and then got into an altercation with police.

The three minute video was produced as part of the group’s efforts to support the passage of red flag laws that would allow law enforcement officers to temporarily confiscate firearms from people a judge has deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

Fairway police had contacted Ruffin a day before the shooting incidents Friday, March 1, for discharging a pellet gun within the city limits. Police had been called to the house across from Highlands where Ruffin resided with his mother on at least three occasions in recent years for issues including domestic violence.

Highlands staff members had discovered numerous bullet strikes on school grounds after hearing what they believed to be gunfire the afternoon of March 1. The building was placed on lockdown, but law enforcement officials determined that the situation was stable enough to allow for a controlled dismissal at the end of the day. At about 3:15 p.m., however, as parents and students were gathering for pickup, Ruffin exited the home on the corner of 62nd Street and Roe with a handgun drawn. Police fired multiple rounds at him until he was subdued. Parents and student ran for cover.

No parents or students were injured in the shootings, but several say the experience was especially traumatic.

In the video, three parents and one student shared their stories from that day:

Ruffin faces three charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one charge of discharging a gun in a dwelling. Ruffin made his first appearance in court in April. His attorneys had another scheduling conference in his case this morning.