Prairie Village prepares to kick off ‘Village Vision 2.0’ comprehensive planning process

Prairie Village is about to begin a new comprehensive planning process. Its Vision Village comprehensive plan was adopted 12 years ago and is in need of an update.

Twelve years ago, the Prairie Village City Council adopted Village Vision, a wide-ranging comprehensive plan that set priorities for the investment of time, energy and resources in the coming years.

Many of the priority items that plan identified have since been either partially or wholly addressed. Corinth Square, which had fallen into a state of some disrepair at the time, has been largely renovated — and redevelopment of the center continues. The city has updated its building codes to encourage home renovation while maintaining the character of neighborhoods, and it’s enacted a program to encourage residents to improve aging homes. And work has been done to improve the 75th Street corridor — though those improvements fall short of the “boulevard” concept identified in the plan.

With work on such goals having moved substantially forward, and with the issues facing the community having shifted, the city council earlier this summer approved a proposal to conduct a new comprehensive planning process. Village Vision 2.0, as the plan will be known, is intended to serve as the city’s guiding document for the next two decades. And residents will have the chance to share their input on what issues should get the most attention during workshops next month.

The city has scheduled workshops to be held at the Meadowbrook Clubhouse, 9101 Nall Avenue, on Monday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 12. Both sessions will include a presentation followed by roundtable discussions. The events will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. both nights.

The city will also be offering an online survey to solicit input from residents who are not able to attend the sessions in person.

You can find more information about the Village Vision 2.0 process here.