Updates from Johnson County Community College: The world is at your fingertips when you study abroad

At Johnson County Community College, we take pride in offering students a well-rounded educational experience, which includes exposure to new cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking. Our study abroad program is just one of the many enriching and exciting opportunities we have to offer.

From Argentina to China, Peru, or even South Africa, JCCC has more than 50 dream destination study abroad programs.

Don’t Take It from Us…

Here’s what our students have to say about their study abroad experiences:

“My time in France went by so fast but I loved it so much! Although I was only gone for 4 weeks, I definitely feel like I’ve grown more independent and confident in myself. By the end, it felt like I was leaving home and family, but I am beyond grateful to have this experience. It made me wonder why I don’t travel around in my own country or even city as much.” – Sirat Gill, Paris study abroad (summer 2019).

“I don’t put myself out into the world enough, and this helped change that.” – participant, study abroad trip to the UK.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself in my time abroad. I think that I am a more adaptable person now and I have much better problem-solving skills. One of my favorite things was having to rethink how to say things less complicated so that I could communicate. It made me understand language better and I think helped improve my adaptability skills.” – study abroad student in Xi’an, China.

“I greatly increased my Spanish speaking abilities. Being immersed in the language helped me gain proficiency. I also became more self-reliable and better able to navigate new situations and problem solve more effectively.” – study abroad student in Seville, Spain.

Don’t Wait, Apply Early

Study abroad applications should be submitted early in the semester prior to the study abroad program. The application deadline is usually Oct. 15 for spring study abroad programs and March 15 for summer and fall programs.

Most JCCC study abroad programs have a cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5, and a few programs require a 3.0 GPA. It’s also recommended (but not required) that students take a semester language class of the country they’re visiting. Learning some basic language skills will make their time abroad that much more rewarding!

Go Away… See the World!

We want to ensure all students have the most rewarding experience possible. As a first step, we recommend students talk with the experts in our International Education Office (COM 220) before submitting an application. They work with each student individually to select the perfect program for their interests and goals.

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