Yoga Fix owner sells studio building on Johnson Drive, hopes to sell business itself as well

Yoga Fix Studio on Johnson Drive in Mission.

The owner of Yoga Fix in Mission has sold the building in which the business has been located for the past several years, and is making plans to close the business as well if no one steps forward to purchase it.

Mary Horvatin, owner of Yoga Fix Studio and previous owner of building at 6124 Johnson Drive, sold the real estate Aug. 6, according to an email newsletter she sent to studio clients Monday. She negotiated a lease agreement with the new owner to keep the business open until at least spring 2020.

If no one purchases the business from her, Horvatin said, she will close Yoga Fix after the lease ends. That date was not disclosed in the newsletter, but she said it will be announced “as this unfolds.”

Yoga Fix Studio has been on Johnson Drive since 2013, after Horvatin moved it from its location at Shawnee Mission Parkway and State Line Road. She said she bought the building currently housing Yoga Fix Studio after selling her family farm.

“I began this journey with a leap of faith and I shall end it with another leap of faith and trust,” Horvatin wrote.

In January 2020, Yoga Fix Studio will have been open for 20 years, Horvatin noted. She has been the owner of the business since 2008. Horvatin said selling the building was “a very tough decision” to make.

Horvatin shared her hopes that “someone will step up who would like to purchase the business and would potentially be able to negotiate a lease with the new owner (who is open to that scenario.)”

“I will truly miss this community and my role in it; however, I know it is time for me to try to hand the reins off to someone who can bring a new energy to it,” Horvatin wrote. “I would truly love to see that happen. I hope we can all make this a truly wonderful transition and I look forward to talking to anyone who may have a desire to take over this community. I do know the new landlord is open to continuing the lease with someone if they buy the business.”