2020 FIT: Don’t let the fear of being held accountable hold you back

At 2020, professional coaches and positive peers set a culture that helps people reach their fitness goals.

It happens from time to time: A potential client will reach out, tour our gym facility, and take a Free Trial class to experience first hand what we offer. After wrapping up the class, they let us know they’re interested in joining and that they know 2020FIT would get them to their fitness goals.

Then they’ll hesitate. And eventually, let us know they’ve changed their mind. “It’s just more expensive than what I’m looking for right now.”

Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, and we respect that. For some people, the monthly membership fee may not be something they can take on. But the reality is, many of these same people are, no doubt, spending the cost of a monthly training plan over the course of a couple of weekends at the bar, lattes at the coffee shop, or going out to eat. Oftentimes, there’s something else at the core of that hesitancy: A fear of accountability.

We acknowledge that what we do isn’t cheap. And that’s because you’re paying for professionals to guide you. When you join 2020FIT, you’re signing up for top-line coaching and programming, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, nutritional guidance, and the support of a positive community that’s going to be there day in & day out.

In short, everything you need to successfully reach your fitness goals.

Accountability can be scary for many of us. At 2020FIT, our coaches are going to hold you accountable, so that you get the results you set out to achieve. Your fellow athletes are going to be right beside you, pushing you to finish that workout strong. You’re surrounding yourself with positive people who are going to hold you to the standard you need to achieve success.

For some people, the fear of that accountability is uncomfortable enough that they can’t justify the investment of time, energy and resources. For others, it’s the key to getting to a better, fitter place. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.