Parking lot at Shawnee City Hall gets electric vehicle charging station

KCP&L earlier this month installed an electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot of Shawnee City Hall.

The parking lot at Shawnee City Hall now features an electric vehicle charging station.

Kansas City Power and Light installed the charging station earlier this month. The charging station accommodates two electric vehicles. Costs to use the charging station are assessed to the user and not paid by the city.

Assistant City Manager Caitlin Gard said installation of the charging station came free of charge for the city.

When the city had initially considered installing electric vehicle charging stations in May 2015, there was no user payment platform at the time, Gard said. Because the city would have had to foot the costs for users to charge their vehicles, the council decided to table the issue until a user payment platform was established.

With the charging station now installed in the city hall parking lot, electricity costs are paid solely by the user and not the city. The council in a Feb. 5 committee meeting unanimously approved the installation of the electric vehicle charging station.

In that committee meeting, Shawnee councilmembers agreed that the charging stations are part of the city’s efforts to revitalize the downtown and make it more attractive.

“A lot of younger folks are looking to drive EVs (electric vehicles) and often will find a place they plug in and go grab a cup of coffee or do some shopping,” said Councilmember Lindsey Constance. “So, I think if we can get this, you know, essentially free, why not? It seems like a win-win for the city and something for the future.”
Non-electric vehicles are permitted to park in those stalls.