ALDI celebrates grand re-opening of Roeland Park grocery store

ALDI celebrated a grand reopening of its Roeland Park grocery store Thursday morning.

A line of enthusiastic shoppers went out the door and around the corner at the new ALDI grocery store in Roeland Park. ALDI celebrated the grand re-opening this morning of its store at 4801 Roe Blvd.

“This is obviously a really exciting time for us; I think this is when our job is the most rewarding, when we get to come outside after the last two weeks of hard work that we put into this store and we see a line like this,” said Ken Legassey, ALDI district manager.

The first customers in line said they arrived at 6 a.m. for the grand opening.

ALDI district leaders and staff, joined by Roeland Park City Administrator Keith Moody and representatives from both the Northeast Johnson County and Overland Park chambers of commerce, participated in opening remarks and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“On behalf of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce and the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, we want to thank ALDI for this amazing investment in the city of Roeland Park and in the county of Johnson County,” said Frank Ebling with the Overland Park chamber. “It looks fabulous. It’s larger; it’s got more produce, more products. We just appreciate when stores and corporations like ALDI make investments, because that’s what makes Overland Park, that’s what makes Roeland Park, that’s what makes Johnson County work.”

The new ALDI store features wider aisles and expanded refrigeration along the walls.

The roughly 14,500 square foot store is an 8.0 version of ALDI stores — the newest and largest type of store that ALDI will no longer build, so the Roeland Park ALDI is the last of the company’s large-scale stores, Legassey said, adding that design focused on easier navigability of the store as well as wider aisles and produce tables near the front.

After shutting down in January, the new store took about eight months for Crossland Construction Company Inc. to build. The store layout features refrigeration space along the walls, a 40 percent increase in fresh food selection, as well as open ceilings and natural lighting.

The Roeland Park store is part of ALDI’s $1.9 billion investment to remodel and expand more than 1,300 stores nationwide by the end of 2020, according to the company. Locally, ALDI is investing $35 million to update 22 stores in Kansas City and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Moody said the ALDI store is a “great new investment” for Roeland Park.

“Their ability to take down an existing building and quickly turn it around into this beautiful structure, much appreciated and they’ve been a pleasure to work with,” Moody said. “We know that our residents have been waiting anxiously for the store to open.”

The parking lot was already packed with vehicles before 8:30 a.m. Part of the shoppers’ excitement came from ALDI’s popular Golden Ticket giveaway offering gift cards to the first 100 customers. Shoppers also could enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a year’s supply of ALDI produce. But some customers were also simply thrilled about the new store itself.

“I am so excited to be walking in and you see produce first because most of them you don’t,” said Yvonne Lutmer, an Overland Park resident. “It looks wonderful, fantastic. I’ve been waiting so long.”

The Roeland Park store will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.