2020FIT: Why aren’t there any mirrors inside the gym?

Lots of movement. No mirrors.

From time to time, we have people tour our facility and ask an understandable question when they see the gym: Where are the mirrors?

It’s true. While most work out facilities have mirrors covering walls all over the place, there’s not one to be found inside 2020.

Why? Well, it’s a decision we made for a few reasons — all of which are related to the culture we want to build here.

Human beings are wired for vanity, and so when mirrors are around, it’s natural to sneak a look — or several — at yourself. By keeping mirrors out of the gym, our hope is to encourage people to focus on the task at hand, not on how they look doing it.

Without the temptation of a mirror to stare into, you’re free to really concentrate on how the movement you’re working on feels. And that’s the point: We want you to know what a perfect air squat feels like, not how it looks.

Our coaches are CrossFit certified, and work closely with our clients to ensure they’re lifting, running and jumping with the form that’s going to improve their fitness and keep them from getting injured. So there’s no need to be checking yourself out in the mirror. Our coaches are keeping an eye on your form for you. Which means you can throw yourself into tackling the workout, not checking yourself out.

And that’s really the bottom line for us: When people come to 2020FIT, we want the focus to be on feeling better. The looking better that comes along with it is just a bonus.

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