Lenexa updates code to allow golf carts on some public residential streets

Golf carts are now allowed on Lenexa residential streets where the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour or less. Photo credit Marco Verch. Used under a Creative Commons license.

After Lenexa residents posed questions on proper usage of golf carts on residential streets, the city council updated city regulations to make them more easily understood and enforceable.

Before the city updated the code, golf carts were generally not allowed to operate on city streets.

City staff reported receiving numerous questions from residents regarding the use of golf carts on public streets.

“Typically, residents are interested in operating golf carts on residential streets often to go from their house to their neighborhood pool,” city staff reported. “However, the City has also received complaints about golf carts being used on sidewalks and larger public streets. In general, staff is comfortable with golf carts being used on residential streets subject to certain regulations.”

After reviewing local and national regulations on the use of golf carts on public streets — Olathe and Shawnee allow them on streets, but Overland Park and Leawood do not — staff updated the city code so it was easier to understand and enforce, while allowing for safe use of golf carts in Lenexa, according to a city memo.

Under the new city code, golf carts are allowed on public streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Golf carts are also allowed to cross streets with higher speed limits in order to get to adjacent residential streets.

Furthermore, all golf carts must be equipped with lights at times of low visibility, except for turn signals and multiple-beam road lighting equipment. The operator must have a valid driver’s license, and the owner of the golf cart must maintain insurance.

The city code also limits the number of passengers allowed and prohibits careless, reckless or negligent driving. No golf carts are allowed on sidewalks or spaces for pedestrian traffic.

The city code on golf carts doesn’t apply to private property.

The Lenexa city council on Tuesday unanimously approved the city code change. There was no discussion or public comment.