Merriam launches interactive map to view construction projects

Merriam has launched an interactive map so residents can view construction projects within the city.

The city of Merriam has launched a new, interactive construction map for city projects.

The digital map, which is publicly available to view, allows residents to learn more about what public works projects are going on across the city.

Jenna Gant, communications and public engagement manager, said the interactive map provides a comprehensive look at what construction is currently happening in the city, from public works projects to capital improvements from contract workers.

“We wanted to see how we could help residents figure out what projects are going on in our city,” Gant said. “We thought this was just a beneficial way that people can figure out what’s going on in my neighborhood.”

Merriam city staff launched the new map July 24. Here is a look at the map:

Merriam interactive construction mapThe map can be found at When viewers click on a pin or colored area of the map, they will learn about the project, when it started, and its expected end date.

The city’s public works department will update the map every two weeks to show city projects such as new sidewalks, streetlights and roadways, to name a few. The public can view right of way permits on the site as well.

“We want to help keep our residents informed about what’s going on in our city and we just feel this map will help them access that anytime they want,” she said.

Gant noted that the map is for more long-term projects and not for tasks that will take a day or two to complete.