2020 Fitness: (Re)introducing our CORE program

In CORE classes, clients use movements like rope pulls that equally challenge both sides of the body.

One of the things about our building expansion project that’s got us most excited is a new east studio that will allow us to re-introduce a program that can help anyone — and we mean anyone — get in better shape and reduce the chances of injury.

CORE clients getting ready to push the sled.

Two years ago, we piloted our CORE program, which focuses on a series of movements you might not typically associate with a CrossFit gym. There are no push-ups. There are no barbells. Instead, we use implements that force the body to move in a balanced, smooth manner.

CORE class participants push sleds, pull ropes, and squat with sandbags. These implements and movements eliminate the kinds of asymmetries that are common with traditional barbell and gymnastics movements.

Take a pull up, for example. For most people, one arm or the other is naturally stronger, and so as they do pull-ups, they favor their strong arm. As they rely more on the strong arm, it grows even stronger, exacerbating the imbalance.

In CORE class, we replace pull-ups with rope pulls. It’s a similar motion to the pull-up, engaging the bicep and the upper back. But because clients are pulling the rope with one arm at a time, it ensures both sides get equal work. That yields more balanced strength across the body.

We heard from many of our CORE clients that they noticed nagging minor injuries and pains were often significantly reduced after a few weeks in CORE.

We’re excited that with the new studio we’re building, we’ll have a dedicated space to offer CORE classes, expanding the options for clients.

If you’d like to learn more about our CORE program, check out our podcast from this week here.