Bank of America to close financial center, ATM at 95th and Mission

Bank of America will close its location at 95th and Mission.

In two months, Bank of America will close its financial center and ATM at 95th and Mission in Overland Park. The last day of business for that location is Sept. 10.

Diane Wagner, a spokesperson for the bank, said the closure is part of Bank of America’s efforts to consolidate any services that may be duplicated in an area.

“We try to identify locations, some that may be larger, to accommodate more clients, and many of our locations either have some overlapping services and a lot of them are being redesigned for additional financial specialists and services for customers,” Wagner said. “Because of the distance you can see just between the two nearby locations, it’s just an overlap in services.”

Wagner said there’s no impact to customers’ bank accounts or other services. She added that they will not be eliminating any staff and are assisting them with opportunities to stay with the financial institution, perhaps at one of the other nearby locations where customers can go for their banking needs.

Nearby Bank of America locations include:

  • 9550 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park
  • 7624 State Line Road, Prairie Village
  • 12345 W. 95th St., Lenexa

Bank of America first opened the location at 95th and Mission in 1996.