2020 Fitness: Doing what you want without physical limitation

Whatever your fitness goal, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you’re optimizing your chances for success.

The word “fitness” is just nebulous enough to be dangerous.

Because for some people, it conjures up images of ripped models on the cover of glossy magazines — images that can be intimidating to even the most health conscious among us. And when a goal is intimidating, it can be hard to muster the energy need to start pursuing it.

But here at 2020 Fitness, we use a very specific definition for “fitness”: Being able to do anything you want without physical limitation.

That means “fitness” is different for every single one of our clients.

For some people, that can be as simple as being able to bend over and touch your toes. For others, it means being able to run a marathon.

While the kinds of physical training that help each of our clients reach their goals vary greatly depending on what they’re trying to achieve — and we work to provide options to support just about every fitness goal — there are a few things people can do to optimize their health no matter their goal.

  • 1.) Rest and recovery. Sleep is your friend. It’s a crucial period of the day for your body to recuperate and get stronger. Having a schedule that leans toward more — not less — time in bed each night is great for both mental and physical health.
  • 2.) Consistency with exercise. Setting and sticking to a weekly program of physical exercise will greatly increase your chances of reaching whatever goal you set. Your body will adjust to the demands you put on it. If you work out consistently, you’re more likely to see progress.
  • 3.) Eating well. Vegetables and lean proteins are a great foundation for fitness goals. Sugars…not so much.

We love helping our clients become the best versions of themselves, and providing a community that supports them inside the gym and out.

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