No movement on Martway mixed-use development in Mission; developer has attempted to sell project

A rendering of the Martway project as approved by the Mission City Council in April 2018.

A four-story mixed-use project on Martway Street in Mission has not gained any headway, and “the developer has made attempts to sell the project and land.”

That’s straight from the city of Mission’s website listing current private projects going on in the city. City staff noted that there has not been any construction activity on the site, and the developer, Clockwork Architects, has “not submitted a Final Site Development Plan to the City.”

“We understand the developer may have engaged a broker to see about marketing/selling not just the real estate, but the ‘project’ as a whole,” said City Administrator Laura Smith in an email.

The mixed-use project received council approval in April 2018 after months of contentious back-and-forth between the developer and surrounding homeowners and revisions to the project plan.

The project plan as it stood in April 2018 would have been four stories and 43 feet tall with 90 apartment units over first-floor retail. The plan initially submitted by Clockwork Architects in fall 2017 was five stories and 60 feet tall with 165 apartment units.

Clockwork Architects has not responded to multiple inquiries for comment.