Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Shawnee to build rajagopuram entryway, courtyard

A rendering of the rajagopuram at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City.

The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City, located in Shawnee, is planning to build a unique rajagopuram entry feature.

The rajagopuram will be located near the main entrance on the east side of the temple and center at 6330 Lackman Road and will have an entry monument standing 35 feet tall.

The project also includes a new enclosed courtyard on the east side of the center, surrounded by new decorative walls that range from six to 12 feet tall and feature religious art. The courtyard will be accessed by small gates on the north and south sides of the walls, but the primary entrance will be on the east side through the ornate rajagopuram.

Once the project is complete, the Hindu Temple will be accessed through the new courtyard via an existing stairway and entry canopy.

Plus, the project includes adding elevated planters along the east wall of the rajagopuram as well as a few new trees and natural turf areas within the courtyard.

City staff noted in a memo that the rajagopuram will be “highly visible” from Lackman Road because of its height, but it will be set back 50 feet from the east property line.

The Shawnee planning commission on Monday voted 6-0 to approve the project. Commissioners John Montgomery, Steven Wise and Les Smith were absent. There was no discussion or public comment.