Shawnee Rep. Cindy Neighbor files for reelection in 2020

Cindy Neighbor filed for reelection to her District 18 seat in the House of Representatives last week.

Shawnee Rep. Cindy Neighbor has filed to run for reelection to her District 18 seat in the House next year.

Neighbor, a Democrat, served in the seat from 2007-2011 before losing to Republican John Rubin in 2010. She ran for the seat again in 2016 and defeated Republican candidate and Shawnee councilman Eric Jenkins. She faced Jenkins again in the 2018 cycle, and defeated him 53-46.

In a message posted on her Facebook page, Neighbor said she wanted to continue work to address lingering issues left by the budget crises of recent years.

“We had some great accomplishments this past session but rebuilding our state is an ongoing process and I want to continue to be a part of that process,” Neighbor said. “I will work hard to continue to earn your support. It’s my honor to serve my neighbors and our state.”

Tom Cox, the Republican Representative for neighboring District 17, has announced he is seeking a seat in the Senate next year, which will leave his seat open. Gun violence activist Jo Ella Hoye, a Democrat, has announced she will seek his seat.