Ruth Hopkins wraps up 17 years on Johnson County Solid Waste Management Committee

Ruth Hopkins just wrapped up 17 years on the Johnson County Solid Waste Management Committee. File photo.

When Ruth Hopkins left the Prairie Village city council in 2016, it marked the end of 24 years of volunteer service on the governing body.

This month, she completed another remarkable public service tenure.

Hopkins had served on the Johnson County Solid Waste Management Committee for 17 years when she announced her resignation at this month’s meeting. She had served for 15 years as chair. The committee is tasked with the creating and overseeing the enactment of a plan for handling the hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste generated in the county.

During her time on the committee, the group has tackled topics including how to extend the life of the landfill in Shawnee, mandating recycling programs, as well as diverting construction and demolition waste. Recently, they’ve been discussing food waste collection programs.

She said that, with the development of a new five-year solid waste management plan on the horizon, she felt it was a good opportunity to step away from the group. She’s also stepped down from her role on the Mid-America Regional Council’s Solid Waste Management District, which honored her for her service in 2013.