Mission plans to add restrooms at Mohawk Park, signage to all city parks

The city of Mission is planning to add restroom facilities at Mohawk Park next year.

The city of Mission is making plans to create signage for all of its parks and also add restrooms at Mohawk Park.

City Administrator Laura Smith said the city’s parks, recreation and tree commission has been focusing the past six months on how the city can make improvements to the city’s parks. Additionally, the city has been building up funds in its capital improvement program to make these improvements.

One big priority is signage, with the goal of making the parks readily identifiable as Mission city parks. Smith said the council discussed design ideas last year for the signage.

“We’re going to pick that back up this fall and look at some consistent park ID signage so that when you come to a City of Mission park, you know you’re in a City of Mission park,” Smith said. “That’s going to be one of the first things, and I know it seems like a small thing but it really just helps people identify and understand that this is something that is important to us and that we want to invest in.”

Another priority is adding restroom facilities at Mohawk Park at 67th and Lamar. Smith said the city hasn’t done much updating to that park — except for resurfacing the walking trail — since Mission bought the site for the former Mohawk Elementary School and tore down the school building in the early 2000s.

Smith said Mohawk Park gets “a lot of usage” from the soccer community, which makes restrooms at the park a bigger priority than other projects.

The parks, recreation and tree commission is developing smaller master plans for each park as well, in order to plan and budget for improvements in the future, she said.

“It’s not going to be a Meadowbrook Park opportunity where we have the chance to go in and spend a million plus dollars at one time,” Smith said. “But if we look at what are the amenities over time that we want to have included in each one of our outdoor parks and lay out that plan, then we can do a better job of planning and budgeting for those in our CIP.”

Smith said she expects the city will be ready to add signage next year.

Smith said the city currently has $250,000 budgeted in 2020 for restroom facilities at Mohawk Park and $100,000 for other park improvements. After that, during the next four years, the city’s rolling capital improvements program has $150,000 set aside for park improvements.

Meanwhile the city has other large projects that are “number one priority” for parks and recreation. The city adopted a master plan for parks in 2016. Because it’s so new, there are many other big items for parks on the city’s to do list. For instance, Smith said she expects the city to focus on updating playground structures and surfacing as well.

The council will consider the capital improvements program when adopting next year’s city budget in August.