2020 Fitness: Looking for a ‘fitness buffer’ before that 4th of July party? We’ve got you covered

The Fourth of July is a great time here in northeast Johnson County, with community celebrations and neighborhood parties the docket for many.

We made the decision a few years ago to close the gym on the Fourth so our staff can spend the holiday with their friends and family. But we’ve also made a habit of putting together a workout to challenge the entire community.

So if you’re looking for a little “fitness buffer” to justify going to town on food and drinks at an Independence Day party, here’s your assignment:

  • Get a timer ready on your watch or phone, and start the clock.
  • Run 1 mile.
  • After you’ve completed the mile run, do as many push ups as you can until the clock hits 10 minutes.
  • At the start of every 10 minute interval, you’ll head out for another mile run, followed by completing as many push ups as you can before the 10 minutes expires.

The goal is to complete four rounds — but doing one is better than doing nothing at all!

Check out our video overview of the workout here.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!