2020 Fitness: Looking good vs. feeling good as fitness motivators

Coach Jeremy Whiteford leads a 2020 class through an ab workout.

With summer in full swing, there’s been a predictable wave of “get pool ready” stories out there with tips on improving fitness.

It’s no surprise. The driving motivation for many people when they decide to get serious about getting in shape is a desire to look better. Maybe you’ve added some extra pounds around your waist. Maybe you want to put some muscle on your frame. “Looking good” is a common driver for people to start exercising and eating better.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But the benefits of getting in shape go far, far beyond aesthetics. Yes, when you improve your fitness, you’ll probably be pleased with the changes in your physique. But we find that most of our clients end up being more excited about the way they feel — not the way they look.

They notice that they start to feel better. They have more energy throughout the day. They’re better able to handle stresses in their lives.

So while a desire to “look good naked” might be what brings people to 2020 Fitness in the first place, it’s often those other changes that keep them coming back.

Still, if you are primarily interested in focusing on aesthetics, we’ve got some tips on workout and nutrition worth thinking through this summer. And if you’re ready to see how 2020 Fitness can get you looking better and so much more, come in and check out a free class today!