Updates from Johnson County Community College: JCCC Named Safest College in Kansas

First Day of 2018-19 Academic Year

Countless efforts contribute to Johnson County Community College’s safety standards. Our team works seven days a week to give students, faculty, staff and visitors peace of mind on campus. While this diligence requires no recognition, it certainly has not been overlooked – recently, JCCC was named the Safest College in Kansas by ADT.

Alisa Pacer, Emergency Preparedness Manager, says “We are proud to be named the safest college in Kansas. This ranking reflects a team effort that is made possible by our college community, including those who attend training, those who report issues and those who serve to make safety and security at JCCC a priority.”

Whether you’re on campus to take classes, visit the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art or attend an event, it is essential to be in the know about the safety programs and procedures we have in place.

Police Services

Our police department, which consists of 20 sworn law enforcement officers, a detective, an emergency preparedness manager and 12 civilian employees, serves the campus all day, every day.

They provide a full range of police services, including:

  • Investigating all crimes committed, which could result in an arrest and/or prosecution for the offense
  • Providing crime prevention and community services programs
  • Emergency Management
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Maintaining crowd control for campus special events
  • KOPS-Watch

Our emergency preparedness program, Keeping Our People Safe (KOPS)-Watch, allows students, staff, faculty and visitors to anonymously report strange or unusual behavior, including:

  • Welfare alert (concern for person)
  • Violent behavior
  • Substance abuse or use
  • Unusual or erratic behavior
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Criminal activity on or near the JCCC campus

JCCC Alert

All students and employees are automatically signed up for JCCC Alert, an emergency notification system that allows us to quickly communicate emergency information through:

  • Emergency text messages
  • Emails to all stumail.jccc.edu and employee email accounts
  • Public address system voice announcements
  • Classroom and office landline phone alerts
  • Desktop computer alerts in offices and labs
  • Alert postings on JCCC’s website
  • Announcements on digital signs in campus hallways
  • Facebook and Twitter

JCCC Guardian

We also encourage the campus community to use JCCC Guardian, our free smartphone application. The app’s features include one-button access to call campus police, an outlet for users to share their safety status with loved ones and a link to provide medical information directly to emergency responders.


ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate), is an armed/violent intruder response training we provide to all faculty, staff and students. This curriculum was implemented in 2012, and faculty and staff members take refresher training on an ongoing basis.

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Learn more about the extensive safety efforts that made JCCC the Safest College in Kansas.