Updates from Johnson County Community College: JCCC Named Safest College in Kansas

First Day of 2018-19 Academic Year

Countless efforts contribute to Johnson County Community College’s safety standards. Our team works seven days a week to give students, faculty, staff and visitors peace of mind on campus. While this diligence requires no recognition, it certainly has not been overlooked – recently, JCCC was named the Safest College in Kansas by ADT.

Alisa Pacer, Emergency Preparedness Manager, says “We are proud to be named the safest college in Kansas. This ranking reflects a team effort that is made possible by our college community, including those who attend training, those who report issues and those who serve to make safety and security at JCCC a priority.”

Whether you’re on campus to take classes, visit the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art or attend an event, it is essential to be in the know about the safety programs and procedures we have in place.