Proposed Overland Park budget for 2020 holds property tax rate steady — but hike may be coming as soon as 2021

City Manager Bill Ebel says Overland Park’s growing population is putting a strain on the city’s infrastructure and public safety operations — which could necessitate a property tax increase in the coming years. File photo credit Andrew Poland.

Overland Park can keep its mill levy constant and still meet its needs next year, but city council members may have to start thinking about an increase in the tax rate as early as the 2021 budget, said City Manager Bill Ebel.

Ebel presented a budget plan to council members that described the city’s financial situation as “stable” and advised keeping the tax rate at 13.566. But there are signs of trouble ahead as the growing population puts more of a demand on infrastructure repair and public safety, Ebel said. That, plus a weak growth in sales tax revenue could put a levy increase on the table, he said.