Primrose Schools opens private daycare and preschool in western Shawnee

Primrose School of Shawnee
Anne Lewis, owner of Primrose School of Shawnee.

A new private preschool and daycare opened last week in western Shawnee.

Primrose School of Shawnee offers private preschool and kindergarten as well as daycare for children as young as 6 weeks old. Primrose also offers before and after school care for elementary students up to 12 years old.

Primrose School of Shawnee
The nursery offers a play area, cribs, changing station and access to an outdoor play area for infants.

The school’s first day was June 12.

Anne Lewis, owner of the Primrose School of Shawnee, said she thinks there’s a high need for private daycares and preschools in the area.

“We are very excited to be bringing Primrose Schools to Shawnee,” Lewis said. “I feel like there’s a very high demand in Shawnee for preschools and for daycare in general. We’ve had a ton of inquiries and people interested.”

Primrose can serve up to 211 children. The Shawnee preschool and daycare is still hiring and enrolling as well.

Primrose Schools has several locations across the country. Lewis previously offered in-home daycare before she opened the Shawnee franchise. She first got the idea to open Primrose because her brother and sister-in-law operate a Primrose School in Indiana.

Primrose School of Shawnee
Primrose is surrounded by play areas on three sides of the school.

“I have such a huge passion for children, and taking care of them when I was looking for preschool for my children, I was not able to find that,” she added.

The school’s curriculum covers a gamut of subjects to create a “balanced learning” experience, with instructors that offer “nurturing guidance.” In addition to familiar school subjects like reading and mathematics, the school also offers physical health and nutrition education as well as Spanish and sign language classes.

Primrose School of Shawnee
Primrose’s accredited curriculum covers a gamut of subjects, including language learning and physical health.

Lewis also believes Primrose can offer much more than an in-home daycare could, such as outdoor play areas, accredited curriculum, safety week opportunities to meet first responders, and charitable work. For example, around Thanksgiving, children in all age groups will raise money through doing chores and use the funds to buy canned goods and donate them to a charity.

“They’re part of that whole process, and they’re learning that they can make a difference in society,” Lewis said. “The smallest little things that they can do can make a big difference.”