SM East grad Juliana Gogol earns top scholarship at Pratt Institute for fashion design

SM East Juliana Gogol presented her fashion work at Pratt Institute, where she recently received a $35,000 scholarship for her work. Photo credit Daniel Terna, courtesy of Pratt Institute

Juliana Gogol, a graduate of Shawnee Mission East who now studies fashion design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, has received a $35,000 scholarship named for her school’s founder, Charles Pratt.

Gogol was named the 2019 winner of the Charles Pratt Memorial Scholarship for her fashion design work, which she presented in front of the family of the school founder in late April. The family of Charles Pratt was also in attendance when she received the scholarship.

Juliana Gogol. Photo credit Daniel Terna, courtesy of Pratt Institute

A 2016 graduate of SM East who was a National Merit Finalist and also a finalist for the Arts Council of Johnson County Shooting Stars awards, Gogol said it was “pretty exciting” to receive the scholarship because it recognizes her ability.

“A lot of people could have been recipients of the scholarship; I think a lot of people in our grade do really good work,” she said. “But it feels good to be, obviously, recognized for all the hard work that I do.”

Three other Pratt students were recognized and received $5,000 scholarships each.

Pratt Institute staff said the scholarship awards students who best demonstrate the ideals of school founder Charles Pratt, including leadership, community service and self-motivation. Recipients also must demonstrate college-level artistic achievement.

In competing for the scholarship opportunity, Gogol and other fashion students each presented three “looks,” or outfits, they had created during their junior year. Gogol created a big coat with jumpsuit, a shirt dress and a top and hand-woven pair of shorts.

“I think a lot of my work focuses on textile-driven stuff,” she said. “I do a lot of screen printing, dying and hand-knitting and hand-weaving, so I think that was something that they liked to see.”

Here’s a snapshot of her scholarship winning “looks”:

Photo credit Daniel Terna, courtesy of Pratt Institute

Gogol said she had been worried about paying off her student loans. But the scholarship funds will cover her entire tuition for her senior year in the fall, and then some, which relieves some of her financial stress.

“With this money, now I don’t have any student loans, so that’s pretty cool,” she added.

Gogol’s parents, Janet Monday and Ed Gogol, noted that their daughter was also selected last fall in another clothing competition at Pratt, this time sponsored by Zara, a Spanish clothing design company. In that competition, she collaborated with other students on a garment collection that will be available online and in Zara stores in New York this fall. Gogol also recently toured the Zara campus with company executives in Spain.

This summer, Gogol will be an intern at Thom Browne, a fashion company in New York City. After she graduates Pratt, she plans to stay in New York City and pursue her fashion career there.