Officers in Prairie Village, Lenexa strengthen bonds between humankind, animal kingdom with rescues of duck, fox

Local law enforcement agencies are charged with protecting and serving us human beings — but in recent days they’ve proven to be willing and able to help our feathered and furry friends as well.

Prairie Village’s community service officer was out and about early this week and noticed a mother duck going into freak out mode near a sewer drain. Upon further inspection, officers found that a tiny li’l baby duckling had fallen into the drain. So, they hopped down, retrieved the fluffy fowl and reunited it with its mom (not pictured). Photos via Prairie Village Police:

But the animal kingdom goodwill didn’t stop there. On Wednesday, Lenexa police got alerted to a young fox that had gotten tangled up in a soccer net. Animal Control officers headed over to cut the net and set the fox free. Here are shots of the fox from Lenexa’s Twitter account: