On the Ball dog daycare now open at the Village Shops

Owner Meagan Dowell and a satisfied client at On the Ball.

Meagan Dowell may be an accountant by training, but she has always had a special place in her heart for furry, four-pawed friends.

“Dogs have always been the biggest passion in my life, outside of my family,” she said. “And I always thought if I could be around dogs all day, if I could help dogs all day, and still pay the bills, that would be the dream job.”

After months of work, that dream job is now a reality. Dowell opened her On the Ball dog daycare at the Village Shops in Prairie Village earlier this month. The upscale facility aims to provide a highly personalized level of care for its canine clients, Dowell said. As the owner of three dogs, two of which have unique needs, she wanted to give other dog owners a daycare option they could be comfortable with.

“I’m very sensitive to the needs of dogs that may have shyness or anxiety or a need to get socialized,” she said. “So the idea is that we can really provide a customized care plan.”

The care rooms have partitions that are customizable, so the On the Ball staff can arrange them each day to ensure dogs with similar needs are kept together. Dogs of similar temperaments and sizes are grouped with each other, and multiple staff members are on hand to help engage the dogs and make sure they are safe.

“If they can play well here, they’re going to be a better dog for you at home,” Dowell said. “That’s our goal, to give them a place to get socialized and play and learn.”

On the Ball offers both daycare and boarding services, as well as home pickup and delivery for clients.

You can find out more about the new business on its website here.