VillageFest organizers urge those seeking pie-baking glory to pre-register for Fourth of July contest

Charisse Golden apple pie
Charisse Golden’s best-in-show winning pie from the 2018 VillageFest pie competition.

It may be hard to believe with today’s weather, but summer is close. Like, really, really close.

And the organizers of that annual rite of summer in Prairie Village, the VillageFest Fourth of July celebration, and encouraging bakers big and small to get a leg up on this year’s pie baking contest.

“We urge every baker to pre-register,” said Susan Forrest of the event committee. “Last year we reached the maximum number of entries allowed. We don’t want to turn anyone away so, as long as they have pre-registered, they are guaranteed a spot.”

Now in its seventh year, the contest gives would-be Great British Baking Show contestants the chance to show of their prowess before the oven without having to travel across the Atlantic. The contest has three categories: fruit pies; not-fruit pies (cream, nut, etc…); and pies baked by those 12 years and younger. There will be prizes for first, second and third place in each category, as well as a grand-prize Best in Show winner.

The contest will also move from the Harmon Park pavilion in to Prairie Village City Hall this year, where there is air conditioning, a real refrigerator, and “comfy chairs for folks waiting to hear the results,” said Forrest.

Pies must be submitted by 8:30 a.m. the day of the festival.

You can pre-register and see the contest rules here. There is no registration or entry fee.